3 Signs It's Time to Remove a Tree

If you have a tree that’s dying or damaged, it’s likely time to remove it. If you don’t remove it, the tree can become a hazard to your property, yourself, and others. If you aren’t sure when to remove a tree, here are three signs you need emergency tree removal services.

1. The Tree Is Dead

If you notice that a tree isn’t green and healthy, it’s possible that it could be dead. If a tree is dead, it’s time for it to go.

The easiest way to tell if a tree is dead is to look for dead branches. If the tree has a lot of dead branches, it’s likely dead. Another way to tell is if the tree is brown or black and has no leaves, no flowers, and no fruit. Dead trees can often be hollow inside.

If you aren’t sure a tree is dead, you can have professional tree services come out and take a look. We’ll be able to tell you with certainty if the tree is dead or not.

If the tree is dead, you should be prepared to remove it. The reason why is, if you wait too long, the tree will begin to rot and decay. Insects may start to infest it. This can cause it to become a hazard to your property. If you have a dead tree, you should call an emergency tree removal service immediately.

2. The Tree Is Damaging or Posing a Threat to Your Property

If a tree is damaging your property or posing a threat to it, you should remove it. The reason why is simple: if the tree is threatening your property now, it’s likely going to continue to pose a threat to it and/or damage it in the future.

A tree that’s dying and leaning over could fall on someone or something and cause personal injury or property damage. In rare cases, falling trees can even kill people or animals.

If the tree is diseased, you should remove it immediately. A tree that’s diseased or dying may have leaves that are yellow or brown. It may also have dead branches or holes in its trunk. If you wait too long, some tree diseases can spread to other trees.

If you know a tree is damaging or posing a threat to yourself or your property, you should remove it immediately before it can cause more damage.

3. The Tree Is Damaging or Posing a Threat to Other People’s Property

Even worse than a tree that’s damaging or threatening your own property is one that’s threatening to others. The tree could be dying or diseased, or it could be leaning over with a danger of falling and possibly hurting someone or something.

A tree that’s dangerous may have branches that are broken or hanging down. It may have holes in the trunk, or it may lean to one side. It’s possible that the roots and trunk of the tree are on your property, but it’s leaning or could fall (or parts of it could fall) on someone else’s. This can be a huge liability and has been the foundation of court cases and large damage awards.

If the tree is threatening other people or their property, it’s likely going to continue to do so. You’ll need to remove the tree before damage or injury actually occurs. Take care that, when you remove the tree, you notify other people so that it doesn’t fall on or get dragged through someone else’s property.

Emergency Tree Removal Services

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