5 Ways to Tell Your Tree is Dying

While trees can live for decades, damage or disease may cause them to start dying. Here are five signs your tree is dying and needs some care. If you're noticing any of these signs, it might be time to call in a professional from K3 Tree Care.

1. The leaves are wilting and turning yellow or brown

This could mean the tree is dying because it's not getting enough water or indicate the tree is diseased. The tree needs to undergo photosynthesis to be healthy. If the tree is unable to do that, you will see a color change from green to brown or yellow in the leaves — even when it’s not fall.

2. There are dead branches or limbs

Dead branches or limbs will look like they are dried out and may have a dark color. They may also be brittle and break easily. There are several ways to tell if a branch or limb is dead. One way is to look for signs of decay, such as mushrooms or insects. Another way is to check the bark: the branch or limb is likely alive if the bark is peeling or the tree is oozing sap.

3. The tree starts to lean

If the tree leans one way or another, it could signify that the roots are dying. Root damage can extensively impact the health of the tree. However, if the tree looks healthy otherwise, with green leaves and healthy bark, it could be that the tree grows at an angle. K3 Tree Care offers cabling and bracing to prevent your tree from breaking and to support a weak or crooked structure.

Causes of Root Damage in Trees

There are a few things that can cause root damage in trees. One of the most common causes is people accidentally driving over the roots with their cars. Another reason is when construction workers dig up the ground around the tree and damage the roots. Trees can also get root rot from too much water or from being in a wet environment for too long. Finally, tree roots can be damaged by insects or diseases.

4. There are lots of twigs and leaves everywhere

Seeing a lot of twigs and leaves around your tree might signify that the tree is dying. This could result from either not getting enough water or having a disease. If you see this, it is essential to call a professional to look at the tree and determine what is wrong.

5. Mushrooms or other fungi are growing on the tree

Mushrooms or other fungi growing on the tree signifies that the tree is dying. This could result from either not getting enough water or having a disease. Fungi might indicate that your tree is rotting from the inside. If you see fungi or mushrooms, it’s important to call a professional to ensure the health of your tree.

Experienced Tree Removal & Tree Care Professionals

If you think your tree is dying, contact K3 Tree Care. We can help! Whether you need tree trimming, tree cabling and bracing, or emergency tree removal, we have you covered!